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Useful Tips


How do I know which internet provider works in my place for my PISO WIFI BUSSINESS 

  • Pick up your phone now and check which network provider you are using?

  • If it is GLOBE or Smart you may like to contact globe or smart support and ask for advice a good internet speed for your piso wifi business.

What to ask?

I am planning to start piso wifi business, but I dont know which plans I should get?

  • Pls note: For a piso wifi business you need stable connections where customers can play video, online games, or video calls with no lags. You need unlimited internet connection .

  • My requirements i need atleast 10-50mbps, that upto 10-50 customers pwede mg connect ng sabay sabay.
Monthly internet bills is expensive baka hindi ako makabayad buwan buwan what should I do?

  • If you think your possible customers is less than 10 customers only everyday. You may consider to use prepaid internet, to test your monthly income first. This helps you not to oblige to pay, high monthly internet bills.

What is the minimum load I should get?

  • Globe offering 100gb valid for 30days for only P999.00 . 
Pwede na ba to?
  • To check the number of possible customers . Yes, pwede na yan
  • Upto 10 devices pwede mag connect.

For Smart , Talk n’ Text & Sun

They’re offering plans that best fit your internet service requirement. For as low as P1,699 you can get Fibr to your PISO WIFI BUSSINESS

FOR GLOBE SUBSCRIBERS, Yes I want to contact customer support click here

FOR SMART, TALK N’ TEXT & SUN SUBSCRIBERS, Yes I want to contact customer support

( Smart Communications is Now PLDT )



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