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Why machine is plug and play?

* Its because machine has been configured before delivered to you.

 Do I need internet connection to make Piso net business?

*Yes, you need internet wifi connection, data wifi works as well.

What is Data Wifi means?

*Data wifi means, prepaid modem na my nilolodan na simcard

How can I sell wifi to my customers?

* There are 2 ways to sell wifi connection,  1 by tapping the customers phone on the machine and drop the payment in the coinslot . 2 by selling voucher to yr customers who needs longer connection such as Hourly, weekly or monthly.

What is the default settings of the machine Price/minute?

* by default it is set 1 peso for 5mins. 

5 pesos for 30mins. 10 pesos for 1hour

Can I change the price per minute?

* Yes can be change you just need to contact us so we can process your request. It can be done in just 30mins

How many customers can connect to my Piso net machine?

* Upto 50 devices orusers can connect ng sabay sabay

 Is Piso Net business profitable?

* Yes, piso net business is very profitable lalo na if you put it sa mga matataong lugar or high number of residences.

I am OFW is piso net business good to invest?

* Yes, piso net good to invest as OFW bukod sa you can freely communicate to your family back to Philippines, with stable wifi connection, kumikita kna abroad, kumikita kapa sa pinas, plus unlimited wifi internet for your family to communicate with you.

 I am currently working, is piso net business good as extra income

* Yes, piso net business good to earn extra income because it is self service, hndi mo kailangan bantayan or ng tauhan para kumita ang iyong piso net business.

What is the maintainance of the machine?

* Your monthly internet wifi is your only maintainance.

 Is Piso Net business malakas sa kuryente?

* No, machine only 6 watts

How long it will takes na maibalik ang ininvest namin sa machine?

* 3-4 months returns of investment depende sa lugar na pinaglagyan ng machine.

Is the machine safe from stealing?

* Yes it is safe. The case is made of high quality steel materials.

How much is the machine?

*Machine price start from P19,500 depends of the model type. 

Do you have freebies?

* Yes, tarpaulin 

What is your mode of payment?

* We offer cash on delivery, bank deposit , credit/debit card and through paypal .


What is your delivery time?

* Because of COVID-19 it will takes 15-20days

How much is delivery charge?

* We offer free delivery anywhere in Philippine 

What is 60 Day Free Shipping Returns?

* If product is not as described , free shipping returns within 60 days from the item delivered but it must be in the good conditioned as purchased.

Can I track my order?

* Yes, tracking number provided and will be available after item dispatched.

Do you have video tutorials to watch?

* Yes, we have you may watch our video tutorial

with this link https://www.facebook.com/tinybizideas/videos/201792261051667/

Where I can place order?

* You can place order on our websites 


Thankyou for spending time reading our FAQ’s .If you have further questions pls. don’t hesitate to contact us at  http://m.me/tinybizideas




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