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Piso Wifi Vendo Machine

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Piso Wifi Vendo Machine


  • No inquiry, no username, and no password are required; just tap the phone, insert coins, and get WiFi.

  • Provide big WiFi signal range (around 100 meters for outdoor / 50 meters for indoor).

  • Support around 50 to 100 concurrent users (depending on the bandwidth of Internet access) and optional high-end version can support up to 500 concurrent users.

  • No need for supervision. Self-service working method to save labor cost.

  • Provide user-friendly pop-up instruction page to tell end users how to get WiFi service.

  • Offer cloud-based NMS (Network Management System) to monitor all online machines remotely.

  • Support account roaming between different machines to help end users enjoy your WiFi service in multiple sites.


  • Venue owners can get extra revenue by providing WiFi hotspot service and attract more visitors which is good for his original business;

  • Venue owners can display advertisements for their products on the login page for better promotion, or show ads for other shops to get income;

  • No WiFi squatter or hacker to stole Internet because no username and password is required;

  • Travelers can get quick and cheap Internet access without paying expensive charge for data roaming or new SIM card;

  • Visitors can check/send email, browse websites, and watch videos from any WiFi-enabled smart mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or handheld device.


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